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"Mrs. Kuruvilla is above and beyond what I could have ever asked for in a teacher for my son.  She is an extremely passionate person who puts in an extrodinary amount of effort and time in to ensure that her classroom is a warm, welcoming space full of various creative and challenging areas for the children to explore and discover.  I have honestly never seen a more dedicated and hard working teacher."

A. Bares
We are extremely happy with Mrs. Kuruvilla and her time as Ben's preschool teacher!  All that she did, she did through years of experience and lots of love.  At first, I thought the homework for our 3 year old would be too much (mainly because my daughter never had homework until much later), but we quickly realized it didn't take but a few minutes with such a positive impact.  Ben loved doing his homework (just like his sister).  The planning and preparation for the Bears class was evident and we saw Ben grow so much with Jessy.  Thank you so much for being one of the best teachers we have had the pleasure of knowing!

K. Avigael
As a parent, I felt Mrs. Kuruvilla was a phenomenal teacher.  She was extremely organized and communicative.  She was continuously exposing my son and his classmates to their environment and the natural world around them, be it though field trips or bringing someone into the school to teach, speak and visit with them.  With each new unit she filled the classroom to reflect what they were studying.  The class was a musical stage, an art gallery, a grocery store, an infirmary, a post office, etc. I don't think I could have ever imagined how much my son would love school." 

P. Hobeich
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When Jessy Kuruvilla was 7 years old she began her journey into "teaching".  You may be wondering how on earth this could be possible and so did Jessy.  It wasn't until college that she heard the story of when her mom knew she would one day become a teacher.  Jessy has always loved children and helping people.  She decided in 6th grade she wanted to become a pediatrician, and in 8th grade applied to the High School For Health Professions in Houston, Texas where she grew up. It was a prestigious High School which focused on students who wanted to go into the medical field one day.  She enjoyed all the coursework and excelled academically, but her junior year began having doubts as she began shadowing staff in the hospital.  a